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The world's biggest and most famous brands trust us for our flexible and fast decisions in loading organizations.

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You can rely on Kıta Logistics for safe, efficient and trouble-free transportion of your most valuable cargoes. We provide personalized solutions combined with technology.

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We act with the principle of "Win- Win" and perceive the expectations of the customer correctly. In this way, we keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by transferring information quickly and accurately.


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We lead to protect the environment and society. We ensure sustainability by approaching values with sensitivity and respect; we offer permanent and powerful technological solutions.

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We play a team game and minimize all possible risks by keeping communication and coordination at the highest level with our solution-oriented process follow-ups. We bring a breath of fresh air to logistics processes with our innovative methods!

We bring a breath of fresh air to logistics processes with our innovative methods!

With our regional and industry-specific solutions, we know very well the value of being both your Teammate and Strategic Business Partner. As Kıta Logistics, we are proud to be one of the leading brands of the logistics sector in Turkey! We have been providing services in the fields of global air transport, maritime transport, road transport and project transport since 1995. With our large-scale logistics project activities and our expertise of nearly 30 years, we have completed and still continue to deliver numerous logistics Solutions in different sectors including Aviation, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Textiles.

Kıta Logistics, is a 100% Turkish owned company since the day we were founded.

We have traveled a long way from regional to global...

In 2017, we have started opening our overseas offices and progressed towards becoming a brand that makes a difference in service "from regional to global". With the logistics center we established in Germany, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, we serve in 4 countries and 11 locations in total.

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We offer innovative, cost-oriented, direct solutions even for the most complex logistics processes!

More than 250 highly experienced employees and dozens of globally authorised professionals, we act together with our solution partners.



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We work with you as a teammate using our online documentation! At the desk, on the road and on loads, we create strategic and direct solutions. By embracing "continuity" in customer satisfaction and "innovation" in business development, we create added value for all our teammates! If you are also following all these innovations, you can download our new brochures and company magazines directly without membership or registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving operations in the international transport sector can vary between 24 hours and 30 days depending on the distance and the route to be used. In order to minimize this process for you, we recommend and request you to specify your requirements such as the urgency of the shipment as well as your budget when you contact with our companyexecutives.

Logistics requires the expertise of skilled professionals and specialized equipment. When choosing a transportation provider, it is crucial to select a company or institution that offers reliable, insured, and professional transport solutions.

We are a logistics company providing transportation services worldwide. Our services include sea, air, and road transport, with partners in major trading markets to ensure compliance with customs regulations and smooth delivery of your cargo. Our electronic tracking systems and global documentation expertise provide control and reliability throughout the process.

Our experienced staff is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting all yourrequirements.. We can transport any type of cargo by sea, air, or land, with a team specializing in documentation and operations to ensure your cargo complies with all regulations. This prevents delays on customs and shipping procedures.

Partnering with us guarantees safe and timely delivery of your cargo. Our customer-oriented approach and expert team allow us to offer the most suitable transport solutions for your needs.