Types of Road Freight

Road freight is one of the most common and important modes of transport worldwide. With the development of roads and the advancement of vehicle technologies, road freight has diversified and specialized.

Types of Road Freight

Road freight is one of the most common and important modes of transport worldwide. With the development of roads and the advancement of vehicle technologies, road freight has diversified and specialized. In this blog, we will focus on different types of road freight.


Trucks are one of the most frequently used vehicles of road freight. They are widely used for point-to-point transportation of cargo and materials over highways. Trucks are available in different sizes and carrying capacities.

Bus Transportation:

One of the most important means of passenger transportation is buses. They are used in many areas, from long-distance travel to urban transportation. They play a big role in tourism, public transport and intercity travel.

Tanker Transportation:

Tankers designed for the safe transportation of dangerous substances such as liquids or gases are equipped with special equipment. They are used to transport products such as oil, chemicals and gas.

Truck Transportation:

The trucks, which are preferred in long-distance freight transportation, are used to transport large volumes of cargo to distant destinations. They have an important place in the logistics sector of road freight.

Trailer Transportation:

Trailer transportation is a method frequently used especially in container transportation. Containers are loaded on trailers and taken from ports or warehouses and transported to designated points.

Load Carrying Cranes:

Specially designed for lifting and carrying heavy loads, load handling cranes are used in the construction industry and large-scale freight transportation.

Refrigerated Transport:

Temperature-controlled transport is essential for transporting food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive products. For this reason, refrigerated transport vehicles are preferred.

Pharmaceutical Transportation:

Special transportation services are provided for the timely and safe delivery of medicines, which have an important place in the health sector, to hospitals and pharmacies.

Home Delivery:

Services used to transport goods and equipment of individuals. It is carried out with special teams and equipment in order to facilitate the moving processes.

Heavy Duty Transportation:

It is a type of transportation that is carried out by special vehicles used especially for the transportation of large-scale machinery and equipment.

Local Distribution:

Urban transport provides the distribution of materials and products to points within the city. Fast and efficient distribution is vital to the retail industry and other businesses.

Car Rental and Sharing Services:

Car rental and sharing services in road freight enable individuals and companies to use vehicles suitable for their needs in short or long term. These services facilitate personal or business transportation.

Transport Security and Insurance:

In transportation operations, the safety of cargoes is an important consideration. Insurance companies offer private transport insurance services to provide compensation in case of damage to the transported cargo.

Road Freight Management:

Lojistik sektöründe kullanılan teknolojiler, taşıma süreçlerinin izlenmesi ve yönetilmesi için önemli bir role sahiptir. Nakliye yönetimi yazılımları, taşımacılık işlemlerini optimize eder ve verimliliği artırır.

Heavy Transport and Special Transport:

Heavy transport is carried out by vehicles specially designed for the transport of oversized or heavy loads. This type of transport is often used to transport loads exceeding the capacity of the road or bridges.

Night Transport:

In order to avoid heavy traffic and provide fast delivery, nighttime transportation is frequently preferred, especially in urban distributions.

E-commerce Transportation:

With the proliferation of online shopping, e-commerce companies take advantage of road freight to provide fast and reliable delivery to customers.

Tire and Automotive Transportation:

Special transportation services are offered for the production and distribution of vehicles used in the automotive industry. Tires play an important role in transportation for cars and heavy vehicles.

Express Freight:

Express shipping services are available for emergencies or time-limited deliveries. These services are of great importance in situations that require timely delivery.

Energy and Fuel Transportation:

The transportation of oil, natural gas and other energy resources is a critical mode of transportation for the energy sector. Safe and effective transportation of energy resources is an important logistics process.

Road freight plays a vital role for various industries. With the advancing technology and logistics management, this type of transportation will continue to be made more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe.


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