What is Air Freight?

Air transport refers to the process of transporting passengers or freight by air. This mode of transport is carried out by planes and usually covers great distances in a short time. Air transport is considered a fast, safe and effective method of transport.

What is Air Freight?

Air transport refers to the process of transporting passengers or freight by air. This mode of transport is carried out by planes and usually covers great distances in a short time. Air transport is considered a fast, safe and effective method of transport.

Air transport is carried out in two basic categories as passenger transport and cargo transport. 

How Many Classes Is Airline Freight Forwarding?

Air cargo transport is typically divided into two classes:

  1. Main deck (upper deck) transport: This is the more expensive class of air transport that is flown on the main deck of an aircraft. Priority is given to loading and unloading of the main deck cargo, which is typically safer and better protected than the lower deck cargo.
  2. Lower deck (belly) load: The lower deck, commonly referred to as the "belly" of the aircraft, is where the cheaper class of air transport is delivered. Lower deck cargo is typically less secure than main deck cargo and can be transported more rigidly and more damaged in transit.

What is International Air Freight?

International air transport is the process of transporting passengers or cargo by air between one country and another. This type of transport aims to deliver people or materials traveling between different countries to destinations.

International air transportation is carried out by international flights organized by airline companies. These flights include flights from one country's airport to another country's airport. Passenger transport includes international flights for touristic travel, business travel, educational travel or other reasons. Cargo transportation, on the other hand, involves the transport of materials from one country to another.

Air Freight Advantages

Air transport is a fast, safe and effective method of transport that has many advantages. Here are the main advantages of air transport:

  1. Fast Delivery: Air freight offers the fastest delivery times compared to other modes of transport. Airplanes can reach high speeds and cover long distances in a short time. This ensures that urgent and time-critical shipments reach their destination quickly.
  2. Global Reach: Air transport provides easy access to anywhere in the world. Airplanes can reach areas that are difficult to reach by land or sea transport quickly and effectively. This contributes to the development of international trade and global business relations.
  3. Safe Transport: The aviation industry is known for its safety precautions and regulations. Strict security controls are enforced at airports and aircraft are flown by professional and experienced pilots. Therefore, air transport is considered a safe method of transport.
  4. Regular Departures: Airlines often offer regular flights. This simplifies travel plans for passengers. Frequent departures are available for many popular routes and destinations, providing flexibility and choice.
  5. Efficiency and Efficiency: Air transport allows large volumes of passengers or cargo to be transported at the same time. Airplanes are generally large-capacity and can carry large volumes of cargo or passengers. This enables businesses and individuals to ship goods or travel efficiently.
  6. Minor Damage and Loss: Air transport carries less risk of damage and loss compared to other modes of transport. Aircraft are transported in highly controlled environments, and packaging and equipment specifically designed for air cargo transportation are used. This ensures that materials reach their destination safely.
  7. Independence from Air Traffic Congestion: Although there is a certain level of air traffic at airports, air transport is less affected, even in heavy traffic. Planes are not delayed or stuck due to traffic jams like on roads or in ports.

These advantages have made air transport a preferred option in many areas such as trade, tourism and personal travel. However, some limitations should also be taken into account, such as higher costs compared to other modes of transport and restrictions on access to certain areas.

What is Transported by Air Freight?

  1. Perishable products: Items such as fresh food, flowers and medicines that must be delivered on schedule and kept at a certain temperature.
  2. Urgent shipments: Items that need immediate delivery, including spare parts for essential machinery or emergency medical supplies.
  3. Hazardous materials: Items that require special handling and transportation, such as chemicals, batteries, and radioactive materials.
  4. Time-sensitive products: Fast delivery is required for products such as medical supplies, spare parts and paperwork.
  5. High value goods: Items that need to be transported safely, such as jewelry, electronics, and artwork.
  6. Large items: Items that cannot be transported by water or land, such as machinery, large equipment and cars.

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