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Women Power in the Logistics World and on the Handball Court!

We continue our support for Yozgat Women's Handball Team. Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Ercan Ataman expressed his sensitivity about prioritizing the support of female athletes and young women both in the region and in our country; He also emphasized that sports is the most important element for the healthy development of young generations.

Musa Saydam, President of Yozgat Women's Handball Team, expressed his satisfaction with the sponsorship of Kıta Logistics and said, "We would like to thank Kıta Logistics, which has been a member of our club family, who has been a member of our club family for 3 seasons, for their sincere contributions."

This special support given by Kita Logistics to Yozgat Women's Handball Team is also considered as an important step for the development of handball sports in our country.

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