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Technological Products

Welcome to our logistics services for technological products!

Kıta Logistics in Technological Products Sector

Kıta Logistics With its GPS supported continuous online location tracking feature, it produces expert solutions in the transport of high value, out of gauge, sensitive, IT and technology products.


We provide fast logistics performance for your products and equipment, as well as high security-oriented transport to minimise the risk of theft and damage in the supply chain process.

Consumer Electronics

• Computer and office equipment

• Electronic and semiconductor materials

• Telecommunication and networking equipment

Services provided

• Delivery to your production center

• Storage and distribution

• Packaging

• Supplier inventory management (VMI)

• After-sales and reverse logistics, including return shipment tracking,

• Order, repair and refurbishment logistics

• Shipper consolidation and management

Public transport

Thanks to our extensive network of transport partners, we can handle everything from air freight to sea freight.

Customs procedures

With the help of our team of professionals to navigate the complex world of customs rules, your products will reach their destination without delay. Using our logistics services, you can concentrate on what you do best - creating and marketing your technical products. Everything, including transport and customs clearance, will be taken care of by us.

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